Photoshop Under the Sea

Queen Trigger with the blues – Before and After

Very recently I had the pleasure of giving a brief Photoshop tutorial to Ron in Belize, the official underwater photographer for Avadon Divers in Placencia.

He expressed an interest in learning Photoshop to be able to color correct some of his photos but he didn’t know where to start. So I showed him using Skype*. And with his valuable input we were able to fine tune the colour to make it as accurate to the real thing as we could.

Photoshop is such a multi-purpose tool now that if you’re a newbie it is very tough to just open up the software and browse around and know what to do. You need someone to get you started.

It’s true, there are a plethora of tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet but how do you sort them and narrow your search down to exactly the one you’re looking for? That’s where my 15 years of experience comes in handy.

After 15 years of working with Photoshop I have developed an intuition that knows what Photoshop tool and technique works best for each individual situation and I can help narrow your focus, saving you time and energy for things you really love to do, like hanging out at the beach, playing with your kids, watching a movie…

* NOTE: This tutorial was given through the amazing technology known as Skype. Using the Share Screen feature Ron watched me demo the color correction step-by-step and was able to ask questions along the way. It worked amazingly well, AND IT WAS FREE!

Look for me on Skype, getsmoot, and request a FREE 15-minute demo of how I turned this Queen Triggerfish from blue to happy in 20 minutes.

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