Old school graphic arts

A small section of a wall poster created during the event.

Quoted directly from the NCCAH website:
“During this national showcase hosted by the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa on February 23-24, 2011, a key step in helping to address a pressing need to support Indigenous fathers in communities, programs, research and policies in Canada, graphic artist Colleen Stephenson captured ideas and experiences shared by fathers, Elders, program leaders, speakers and participants in visuals and words as the conference unfolded.

I admire her ability to create beautiful pictures in the moment. They’re not only nice to look at but they convey the message, they speak through our visual language. It’s amazing to me that she did this during the discussion the same way a preson would do sign language to translate for the hearing impaired.

I wonder how they arrived at the decision to do this. Did the idea start with a choice between interpretive dance, carving sculpture or drawing posters and they ended up with the posters because the dance troop was busy those days and the sculptors stone wouldn’t arrive until it was too late?

Click on the link to see the collection of posters Colleen created and read the full story behind the mural posters.

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