Responsible, healthy graphic design.

I’m looking for people or businesses who need someone to:

  1. Work as relief for the overworked in-house graphics department in their Supplement and Vitamin manufacturing and distribution business, such as Flora, Sequel and/or SISU.
  2. Assist their graphic designer and art director with production of their Health and Wellness publication such as Common Ground and Alive Magazine.
  3. Assist with the research, design and publishing of their reference book of herbal remedies from British Columbia.
  4. Provide on-site support for overloaded office professionals with graphic design production, general health and yoga strategies and workshops.
Do you know anyone who might be interested? Please tell them about me.
  1. I provide relief from daily stress.
  2. I will clear your InBox using my mad skills.
  3. I work fast on multiple projects.
  4. I will get the work done when you need it done.
  5. I’m mobile, I will come to you.

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