Aboriginal Snowboarders

3 WBM040 TribeEmployer: Wasserman & Partners
Client: Whistler Blackcomb
Project: Print Ads


This was a fun project, I loved the concept. The challenge was in creating the shadows and adjusting the colour temperature and grain to mesh the studio shots with the stock photography seamlessly.


  • Supplied professional studio shots of the snowboards
  • Stock photography of the aboriginals on the mountain


  • Snowboards were carefully merged with the aboriginals on the mountain
  • Special attention directed toward creating the shadows from the Art Director
  • Logo created in Illustrator and all elements were laid out in Quark Xpress

4 thoughts on “Aboriginal Snowboarders

  1. Hey Sarah, you’ve got quite a bit of talent. I went to school for Advertising and Design but ended up with a long-term career in Publishing. I’m new to blogging and I’m just hopping around blogworld visiting different areas. When I come to an especially clever or beautiful area I like to stop in. I wish you great fortune in your business. Love the above image by the way, I had to think a minute…
    new blogger, Advertising girl from way back when…

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