Accountability Report

Employer: Karyo Edelman
Client: Vancity Credit Union
Project: 2006/07 Accountability Report

Click here to see pdf of the full report and summary.


Great InDesign learning experience! Very extensive richly hyperlinked document using the auto-generated Table of Contents feature in InDesign.
  • 171-page Report document with a 6-panel Summary document
  • Two projects started at the same time
  • Summary completed first
  • Summary printed offset on glossy recycled paper
  • Report was download-only (not printed, as per client’s instructions)
  • Great team effort!


  • Professional studio photography supplied of Vancity employees
  • Photoshop; mask and close-cut backgrounds to white
  • retouching and colour adjustments



  • Started from fully-built design file
  • Production quality-control check
  • Photo adjustments
  • Arranged for printing and press check.


  • Started with file from the designer containing the basic look and feel using generic text
  • Set up style sheets in InDesign
  • Designer took the file back, flowed in the copy from client-supplied Word file
  • Designer applied style sheets set up by production and designed basic look and feel of charts and tables
  • Two production people tag team due to the length of the project and availability
  • Worked together to come up with a system to keep the style sheets, hyperlinks and table of contents consistent with each round of edits

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