Squirrel Billboard & TSA

2 Squirrel TSA_Platform

Employer: Wasserman & Partners
Client: Metropolis at Metrotown
Project: Billboard and Transit Shelter Ad


Unconventional concept and fun to work on.
  • Each character was shot separately and composed with background in Photoshop.
  • The biggest challenge was adjusting the lighting on the squirrels to make them look as if they’re part of the shot, then colour-matching the billboard and the poster.
  • It took some creativity and careful planning to execute on time and on budget.


  • Outsourced professional studio photography was supplied
  • Hand-crafted plasticine characters
  • Man was shot with the background and the chestnut stand in place
  • Each squirrel was a separate shot and merged in Photoshop


  • Clear concept form the Art Director
  • Huge files; between 700 MB and 1.5 GB
  • Creative layer use; had to keep the squirrels’ positions editable for any tweaks from the Art Director
  • Added Christmas lights on chestnut stand at the end to add some sparkle and glow; Art Director’s instruction
  • Added sharp teeth on the squirrels
  • Changed chestnut man’s expression to fear; adjusted the shape of his pupils
  • Border and logo created in Illustrator

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