Looooong collage

Employer: Edelman Vancouver, Public Relations
Client: Powerex
Project: Brochure


  • searching through hundreds of images from our photographer
  • matching the lighting in both hue and contrast across seven photos
  • seamlessly stitching them together to appear as one panoramic image


Photoshop is an amazing tool when you know how to use layers effectively. Layers and masks were used extensively for merging the images together. In some areas I had to clone in pieces of the ceiling, floor and a couple of TV’s to cover up holes and mismatched edges. The key to blending this many photos together seamlessly is to vary the edges of each photo by close-cropping a person or piece of furniture then add an element from the background directly behind it.


It was so fun to see this image finally coming together as one cohesive panorama shot. If you don’t look at the ceiling it actually looks like all these people are working together in one huge room.

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