Employer: Edelman Vancouver
Client: Blue Castle Games
Project: Employee Recruitment Brochure


  • Limited time and money budget was a common challenge in this work environment.
  • An ideal image for the torn page look
  • Making sure the final printed piece matched the specified pantone colours


Kevin, the graphic designer, did a great job of sourcing inexpensive stock photos and mocking up the look and feel of the final piece. I enlisted the help of another designer to help me take photos of the torn paper. We went with a high-end, more expensive commercial printer to ensure colour-matching.


I love creating pieces with a natural, organic look on the computer. It feeds the contrarian in me. Normally when you think of computer-generated graphics you think polished, perfect, maybe 3D and shiny. This was everything but. It was meant to look like a vintage passport. I think we pulled it off quite nicely.

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