Beautiful websites have been built.

Employer: Self-employed
Client: Kalsang Dawa
Product: E-commerce Website,


Websites, in general, are a challenge for me. I have been trying to build them since I went to night school to learn how in 2002. This one in particular was a challenge because I tried a few new things:

  1. the tool,
  2. doing what the client asked me to do
  3. building an e-commerce site!


The solutions on this project were solutions from within myself. I resolved to:

  1. give the client what he asked for instead of recommending what I think he should do
  2. communicate clearly, ask for what I need when I need it
  3. develop a clear contract for how we are going to work together


In the end we both walked away very happy. He has a very functional and beautiful website where he sells prints of his amazing paintings, his workshops and is set up to add another page for selling thangka painting kits. He also has a logo that he is very happy with, that can be used on all future materials. I’m happy because he’s happy and I was able to actually give him what he needed.

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