Contributing to Internet Security

Employer: Freelance Design and Production for Brain Communications
Client: Brain Comm’s client Menlo Security
Product: Customer Service and Sales Website,


Websites are like gardens or vacations, they each have a similar challenges, structure and function… AND each one is unique. The challenges this time around were:

  1. the communication channel – hearing the client’s needs second hand
  2. enlisting my client, Brain Comm, to trust me to communicate about the design details with the programmer
  3. listening and adapting my style to the client’s and the client’s client’s wishes


The solutions came from within myself to decide to:

  1. give the clients what they asked for
  2. make recommendations, instead of demands
  3. communicate clearly, ask for what I need when I need it
  4. keep the programmer involved in design decisions before applying them


The result is that we all are happy with the final product. This includes the various departments at Menlo Security, including the CEO, both partners at Brain Comm, the programmer, Kevin Wheatcraft in Boston, MA, and yours truly, Sarah at Thrive! Graphic Design.

We have completed the first Phase of a website that graphically represents Menlo Security in the way that they’d like to represent themselves. It’s also built in a system that easy for them to update and add marketing campaigns when they need to.

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