Repeat after me: Infographics are exciting!

Employer: Freelance Design and Production for Brain Communications
Client: Brain Comm’s clients GE Digital and Wurldtech
Product: Infographics


Displaying the information to allow people to see it in a wider context while maintaining the integrity of the information.

  1. keeping the graphics to a fixed page size to allow for printing
  2. making sure the information is still legible when printed (you can’t zoom in on a printed page)
  3. keeping the graphics within the established brand for each client


  1. sketch a general layout that would accommodate all of the information
  2. run test prints in between drafts
  3. listen to Alan, the Art Director, when he provided guidance and feedback


I just have fun making infographics! I get excited about simplifying information, using less words and more visuals, especially when it helps us to look at it and understand it differently.


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