Trade Show display extravanganza

Employer: Freelance Design and Production for Brain Communications
Client: Brain Comm’s client GE Digital
Product: Trade Show Display


The main challenge was redrawing a graphic that was being used as a small banner in an email for a large scale trade show booth. The image resolution necessary to produce graphics for printing, especially 7-foot high trade show booths, is much higher than what’s needed for the internet. Plus the email banner was already cropped on the top and bottom. Usually we produce the lower-resolution internet graphics from the print graphics, cropping them and res’ing them down as needed.


I had to backtrack for this one. Instead of cropping the trade show booth graphic and scaling it down for the internet, I added visuals on the bottom and the top of the internet graphic with seamless integration. I also maintained the integrity of the artwork; colour, graphic elements, and resolution; with the existing internet graphic. This is not easy. It’s tough to produce print graphics and internet graphics that match each other under the best circumstances. Working backwards made this an even tougher proposition.


I loved the challenge of re-creating this artwork on a large scale. My biggest enjoyment would be to see this booth in action at the trade shows.

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