To the creative business owners

I’m available to work with you as a creative collaborator. I have been working creatively in Adobe graphics software since the early 1990’s. Navigating and making good use of any graphics software is second-nature to me.

If you want to work with someone with these skills, I’d like to meet you. I’ve worked in ad agencies with highly creative art directors since 1994. The part I loved most about my job was the jam, bouncing our creative ideas off each other, and seeing the final results. The smiling faces and the book, ad, magazine, trade show booth, infographic, etc.

I can also be available to you as your marketing materials producer. I have years of experience working with art directors and designers optimizing their designs for print and web. I use the most up-to-date version of Adobe InDesign. I am amassing a great collection of graphic elements including photos, illustrations, fonts, background graphics, design reference books, and creative layout ideas.

If you’re creating large banners and backdrops, I also have the skills to vectorize any low res artwork in Illustrator.

That said, what drives my thrive is creating something unique.

If you have a creative idea that you’re not quite sure how to implement I’d love to meet you. I’d love to be a part of your team. Contact us.

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