Sarah has played and worked in the graphic arts since she was very young. Her first real job in graphics was at a small print shop in Ottawa… in 1987…ish.

Sarah-2016-3-cropOh my! I’m dating myself here… now you can guess that I’m not only a real pro, I’m ancient! That’s right. I’m a classic!

I have 25+ years of on-the-job experience. What that means is I rarely get upset, I do my best to carry on with the work that can be done, and make sure we’re having fun.

I keep up-to-date versions of the Adobe Creative Suite on my own laptop so you don’t have to! I’ve also created contracts specifying confidentiality, rates and terms of payment.

See, I told you, pro-fession-al!

I have also developed a pricing structure including hourly, daily, weekly and monthly flat rates. Ask me about them.

You deserve fair value for graphic design services and you should be able to communicate that worth through real conversations with graphics professionals.

Let’s create something!